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All kind Of Aluminium and Glass Work Accessories & Maintenance.

Aluminium Accessories


We are Manufacturer Supplier Exporter of aluminium accessories, folding mechanism systems, tilt and turn mechanism systems, aluminium flush locksets, aluminium window handles, external collapsible handles, burial bolts, extractable stainless transom window props, external extractable transom window props, transom stroke latches, aluminium window hinges, adjustable rollways for sliding doors, limit opening for rod systems, stable and adjustable stainless sash stays, cast alloy or plastic window slipway frames...


GLAC-UAE offers you complete range of Aluminium Accessories, including:

- Rollers


- Handles

- Latches (Locks)

- Flush Bolt

- Finger Catch

- Hinges

- Friction Arms

- Door Closers


- Floor Hinges

- Patch Fittings for tempered glass